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Here you will find a range of optional online and offline activities that you might like to complete during the day, these are shown below. You and your whānau will need to decide which activities will work best in your home situation. Please contact your child's home group teacher if you have any questions.





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Wednesday 8th September 2021

Hei Āpōpō, See you tomorrow!

Kia ora e te whānau! We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. In the meantime...take a look through all the activities on this page to find something you could try today! Don't forget to take some time to get prepared for tomorrow, and pack your drink bottle!. Hei āpōpō!

Tuesday 7th September 2021


5 Outdoor Spring Ideas

Five easy activities for you and your whānau to do outside this spring. Take a moment to hunt for critters, race leaf boats, get outside whatever the weather, get crafty in nature or discover somewhere new.

Geometry Journeys: Just One Cut

Why don't you have a go at folding a piece of paper and cutting out a triangle with just one straight cut, as Katie suggests?

Can you create a hexagon in the same way?

What other shapes can you create by folding and making just one straight cut?

Copy of Waking the Giant (River)

Pobble 365 Writing Activity

Visit Google Classroom to find your writing task for today. There is a Story Starter, Questions, and a Picture activity.

Monday 6th September 2021

Today's Introduction

5 Minute Activity #18.docx

5 Minute Activity

Play this game on your own or with one or more of your whānau. You can spend 5 minutes trying to fill in all the categories and then give yourselves a score: 1 point per idea and 3 points if it's an original idea. Or you can just time yourself and see how fast you can fill it in!

General Knowledge Quiz.docx

General Knowledge Quiz

Have fun with this general knowledge quiz. You can try to answer as many questions as possible without looking the answers up on the internet. You could even test your whānau and see how many questions they know the answer to. There are 2 sets of questions if you are really keen and I have the answers if you need them. Good luck!

Grid Map Explanation

If you want a bit of help with understanding how to use grid maps, watch the video above.

Mapping Create A Town Grid Reference.pdf

Create A Town Activity

Follow the instructions and create a town on the above grid map or you can draw it out yourself.

Blank Grid Map Larger.pdf

Blank Grid Map

You can also create your very own map of a town if you want the freedom to do it just how you want. Or you could create a grid map of an island!

Friday 3rd September 2021

A BIG shout out to Anna today - a special lady , having a special birthday!!

QUIZ - Their, there and they're - do you know the difference?

Go to your homegroup classroom ---> Lockdown Quizzes

We would love to see a photo of your finished creation.

Make Dad or Grandad a card for Father's Day

for this Sunday 5th September.

There are some great ideas on this site. Be sure to scroll past the 'MY LATEST VIDEOS' to find the examples.

Fri 3 September.mp4

Your Daily Message

SUGGESTION - Warm up with the ..... nice and easy, then challenge yourself!


[Labnotes] Cipher Wheel.pdf

CODES AND CIPHERS have been used to send secret messages for thousands of years. The type of cipher wheel you have created is called a “Caesar Cipher” because it was used by Julius Caesar in ancient Rome to safely send messages to his generals in battle. Only the generals who knew the key would be able to use the cipher to unscramble the message.

Thursday 2nd September 2021

Don't forget to check your school emails inbox for the link to today's home group Zoom, at 12:00 pm!

01.09.21 Gayle.mp4

Compare & Contrast exercise - Venn diagram

  • your information goes on the left-hand side

  • your bubble-mates information goes on the right-hand side

  • the traits that you share go in the middle.

Challenge #1

Compare & Contrast exercise

WATCH: Mirror - A short story of similar objects

THINK: Just because things look the same, does this mean they are the same?

Does it mean they serve the same purpose or act the same way?

DO: Come up with a list of 20 characteristics about yourself:

  • 5 about how you look

  • 5 things you like

  • 5 things you like doing

  • 5 things you like eating

Once you have come up with your list, talk to somebody in your bubble at home, or phone/video call someone else, ask them to give you their 20 characteristics.

THEN: Draw a Venn diagram (<----- see diagram on the left) of similarities and differences between you and a person in your bubble.

EXTRA: Take a look around your garden or neighbourhood for objects that are similar and make your own video, like the one above!

Don’t forget to take a photo of your Venn diagram and share it with your homegroup teacher

Challenge #2

Touch typing

Lockdown is a great time to practice our touch typing skills!

You can use either of the following sites:

Did you know that it takes most of us between 8-10 hours to learn to touch type at a slow speed (8–15 words per minute)?

There are five rules of touch typing:

  1. Never look at the keyboard. Even with those awkward symbols and especially with UPPER and lower case letters

  2. Focus on accuracy

  3. Find the index keys

  4. Practise, practise and practise some more

  5. Sit up straight & look straight

Also, don’t forget to take a break!

Challenge #3

Brain teasers

Can you answer these brain teasers?

Go to your home group classroom --> Classwork --> Lockdown Quizzes

Why do we like brain teasers?

  • to strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills

  • to encourage lateral thinking and build new perspectives

  • to improve cognitive abilities like memory and processing speed

  • to inspire teamwork and communication

Wednesday 1st September 2021

RockPool_0 (1).pdf

The Rockpool

Take a look at this word problem about a rock pool. Can you work out the answer? You have a Doc on your homegroup Google Classroom. Don't forget to share your work when you think you have the answer!

Spring Poetry

Spring is here! Let's celebrate by writing a cinquain poem. Write a spring poem and use Canva to publish your masterpiece. Find your instructions on your homegroup Google Classroom

Ka whiti te rā

Movie/ Stop Motion Challenge

Step 1: Open the Google Slides

Step 2:Watch the 'reomation' about a weather forecast.

Step 3: Read the transcript and translation on Slide 2 and watch it again!

Step 4: Use the kupu to make your own weather forecast in te reo Māori using stop-motion, a video, or Scratch

Tuesday 31st August 2021

Reading Bingo.pdf
Superhero Comic

Monday 30th August 2021

Here is some fantastic unplugged activities. They are heaps of fun! Be sure to send us images and videos if you are able to.

Aug 30 2021.mp4

QUIZ - Is it, it's or its?

Go to your home group classroom --> Classwork --> Lockdown Quizzes


We are really excited to see and share your creations!

Great techniques in this 'how to' video.

Kia ora all and welcome to today's lesson! Let's get ready to practice our building and engineering skills. Our challenge will be to find ways to create structures with a pack of cards.

You will need a deck of cards. They can be standard playing cards, or cards from any card game, such as Uno. If you have more than one deck you can build some extra large creations - just remember to sort the cards back into their proper decks when you are done!

In this video, Bryan teaches us some tricks to help us build our own card structures. Watch the video through, then try out some of the techniques Bryan uses.

Like any skill, this will take some practice! If you have trouble getting the cards to stand together, see if somebody at home can help by steadying the first cards to get you started.

Expect your cards to fall down! The more times you make your structures, the more tricks and techniques you will be able to work out.

Architect Card Stacker

Watch the video of this card-stacking architect, Bryan Berg. Think about the techniques he uses to stack the cards. What makes his structures strong.

YOUR TASK! - Engineering Card Tower Challenges

Find a way to build the structures listed below, and take a photo of your creations. If you have more than one pack of cards, you can make some double sized creations.

  • Make a building that a toy could go into.

  • Make a building that is two levels tall.

  • Make a the tallest card tower that you can with one deck of cards. (How many levels high can you go?)

  • Make a bridge or building that a toy can sit on top of.

  • A structure of your choice!

As you go, think about what arrangement of cards make the strongest and most stable structures.

Friday 27th August 2021

27.08.21 Gayle.mp4

We are going to hold another hub Zoom call today...

Watch the video for all the details.

20201 ISO P.E

Challenge #1


Now, more than ever, it is super important to be taking care of your health.

Here are a set of tasks to help you stay active, be mindful, have a bit of fun and take care of the other areas of your wellbeing!

Take a look at the slides for a breakdown of each activity.

Challenge #2

Geography map challenge

How much do you know about the world we live in? Can you identify countries, continents, oceans, flags, physical features, cities and capitals?

Test your geographic knowledge on the map- based activities on this website. Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom to see all options available.

Challenge #3

Te Reo Māori kupu online quiz

Challenge yourself with the daily Te Reo Māori Kupu Online Quiz. The quiz uses kupu [words] from the dictionary. So, get involved and see if you can answer all the questions without looking in the papakupu [dictionary].

Don't forget to email your home group teacher to tell us how you got on.

Thursday 26th August 2021

Would you rather be able to control fire or water?

Challenge #1

Quick Write!

Try and find a quiet spot, by yourself, and write on this topic for 20 - 30 minutes! See Google Classroom for your instructions.

Challenge #2

Go Plogging

This is a way to combine your daily fitness and help your local environment! Plogging is picking up rubbish as you go for a jog, or a walk, with your whānau. Don't forget to share the photos.

Challenge #3

Catapult Plane

Do you remember Newton's First Law of Motion from our Rocket Challenge? This STEM activity is all about the power of thrust!

Wednesday 25th August 2021

Remember that you can begin the day with our usual learning activities using your Google Sites.

See your homegroup Google Classroom for your own Doc of these brain teasers! How many can you solve?

10 Fun Art Activities

Tuesday 24th August 2021

24.08.21 Gayle.mp4

Kia ora whānau!

Today is going to be a lovely calm winter's day.

We'd love to hear what you have been up to. Using your school email, you can send us a message or a video letting us know what you have been doing. We would love to share this with our team via Google Classroom.

Remember that you can begin the day with our usual activities, as below:

  • Xtramath

  • SolveMe maths

  • EPIC reading online

  • Olympic and Paralympic activities on our team site

Plus any of our many activities on this site

Stay safe in your bubble

Monday 23rd August 2021

Hooray!! The Paralympics start tomorrow.

You will be able to watch on DUKE or TVNZ on Demand. They couldn't have arrived at a better time!

Looking for some Olympic/Paralympic activities. Go onto your school account and go to our Tokyo Olympic SIte.

SUPER POWER: Chromatography

[Labnotes] Chromatography.pdf

Have some fun with this activity. On the left is the 'How To' for the chromatography experiment from Nanogirl. The chromatography 'machine' is pretty fancy and possibly complicated so if you do not have all the materials ............. have a go at making a simpler design.

You probably really only need:

  • paper kitchen towels

  • different coloured felt pens

  • water to quickly dip in and out of

  • and some way of drying your samples

THINK ABOUT and experiment with:

  1. primary colours

  2. secondary colours

  3. tertiary colours


40 Ka Pai Things To Do Outside

Let's boost our hauora! Choose some of these activities that you could do in your bubble. You could even take some photos of the things you create and share them with your home group teacher!


Scavenger Hunt from KCC

Grab a pencil or a pen and some paper. Head outside to see what you can discover! We would love to see your sketches. You could even create your own scavenger hunt to share with others. Karawhiua, go for it!

Friday 20th August 2021


Duathlon Movie

Bring on the challenge, nau mai te wero! What a fantastic day we had on Tuesday at the Duathlon. Check out this movie of the action, created by Brooklyn from the Kauri team.

Duathlon 2021

Duathlon Photos

Here are some more photos of the Duathlon. It was great to have the whole Pōhutukawa team out supporting our competitors. We get there together! Mā tatou katoa te waka e hoe,

Check out these other activies, too!

CCC - Change Inquiry

As one of your activities, you could continue with your Create a Culture inquiry from Anna's CCC.

As we are now learning from home, you can do this on paper or digitally on a slideshow, for example. Your choice!

Jump Jam

"Want to have some fun today? Turn up your speakers and tighten your sneakers, Brett is ready to JUMP JAM with you from his home in Mt Maunganui.

Please note: We do not own the music and recommend purchasing the original songs, if you want to keep doing these routines later."

Thursday 19th August 2021

Send us a photo of your answers or copy this image onto a slide and use a text box in each of the boxes to write your answers in. Remeber to share your slide with your teacher.

Story starter!

The tree was all that remained. A solitary figure, it stood there in defiance of the destruction surrounding it. The bark had begun to peel away, one piece at a time, joining the wreckage of other trees that lay scattered across the scorched earth.

This tree was different to the other trees. It contained magic. It contained hope…

Can you continue the story? What is so different about this tree? What has happened to the other trees around it?

You can use the story starter or begin a narrative of your own. Into a new doc copy the image and text if you wish to use the text. When you name your doc, please include the title of your text and your name.


Go on a bug hunt. See how many different bugs you can find in your house, the garden, or a nearby park. Photograph what you find and share your discoveries.

See if you can identify any insects you find. This website will help.

FYI ~ New Zealand Bugs

Watch the video to learn about how giant weta are being protected in New Zealand.

Think about: Why are weta important to New Zealand?

FYI ~ Ants Everywhere

Check out the amazing story of the biggest ant colony in the world.

Untitled_ Aug 14, 2020 1_09 PM.mp4
Build Famous Landmarks with LEGO
Friday 15th May Pohutukawa's Iso-P.E

Whānau, please talk with your child about using devices safely at home...