Team Kahikatea: Learning Through Play

Birdhouses or Feeders

In the winter, birds can get extra hungry, especially if the ground is icy.

Can you design and create your own birdhouse or bird feeder?

Think about what makes an effective birdhouse, for example, how can you design it so that cats can't jump up and grab the birds?

It is a great idea to draw your design first and label the parts. Think about all of the features, e.g. how will the birds get in?

Take photos of your design or completed birdhouse and send them in on Seesaw!

Click on this Otago Museum link to learn more about birds and get some more ideas about bird feeders.

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How to draw a grasshopper

Once you have drawn your grasshopper, have a think about grasshoppers. What do you know about them? Are they an insect, a mammal, a reptile or a bird? How do you know this?

How to draw a cow

Once you have drawn your cow, have a think about cows. What do you know about them? Are they an insect, a mammal, a reptile or a bird? How do you know this?

How to draw a crocodile

Once you have drawn your crocodile, have a think about crocodiles. What do you know about them? Are they an insect, a mammal, a reptile or a bird? How do you know this?

How to draw a blue bird

Once you have drawn your blue bird, have a think about blue birds. What do you know about them? What makes a bird a bird?

Box Construction

What can you make with any clean recycling items from your home? Make sure to take a photo and show us your creation!

Comic Book

Create a comic book using one of these templates. Get creative with your illustrations!

Treasure Hunt

Hide two of your toys/objects around the house. Draw a treasure map or give directions for how somebody in your house can find them.

Nature Bingo

Head here and go on a scavenger hunt in your backyard! Can you get Bingo by finding all of the different textures?

Alphabet Art

What pictures could you turn each letter of the alphabet into? Get creative and show us what the different letters of the alphabet can look like!

Laundry Art

Using some clean laundry, create a piece of art! Take a photo as we would love to see it.

Stick Puppets

Make stick puppets of the people in your whānau, then create a play. You may even want to video your play and share it with your home group teacher!

Paper Chains

How many people are in your family? Make a paper chain and decorate each person.

Thank You Card

Make a thank you card for someone in your whānau. Include a colourful picture on the front. Remember to say who your card is to, and who it is from.

Make Aboriginal Rhythm Sticks

Rhythm sticks are a traditional Australia Aboriginal instrument. They are often used in important ceremonies. Make your own here.

Make a Japanese Fan

Fans have been used in Japanese history, to show status and even to communicate messages. Make your own Japanese fan.

Chinese Paper Plate Dragon

Dragons are a symbol of great power, good luck and strength in China. Click on this link for a fun Chinese dragon craft.

Paper Garage

Check out this fabulous paper garage Kate made! Kate and the rest of the Kahikatea team, would love to see what you can make.

Draw a Daffodil

Build skills for handwriting by drawing a daffodil. You might also enjoy these fun cut and make daffodil and piwakawaka options.

Young Ocean Explorers

Check out this great link to the Young Ocean Explorers. Anton the Whale Man has loaded a cool 'How to draw' segment. He shares some interesting facts about the creatures he draws.

Once you've done the 'How to draw', you can take part in a competition by asking someone in your bubble to check out the Young Ocean Explorers Facebook page and enter your picture.

Create your own animal!

Spend 5-10 mins listing or drawing all the animals you can think of. Review your list. Take a blank piece of paper and fold into three, so you have space for a head, body and tail. Now choose three animals to make your own, new creature (example picture on the left). Give your animal a name.

The Day the Crayons Quit - Art

Create a picture that uses all of the colours in the book… just like Duncan did. You may want to use crayons, coloured pencils, or felts.

Music with Kate

Watch Kate's video. She has some great ideas about how to make a musical instrument at home!

Coding and Robot Remote

Head to to learn about coding. Make your robot work by writing code! Download the Scratch Junior app to do further coding. After that, you might like to make a robot remote (see picture on the right).

Plate Tennis

Get some paper plates (or cut large circles from cereal or other old boxes at home), find some sticks, and a balloon or soft ball and you're away...paper plate tennis!

Fruit Juice Song and Dance

Can you learn the Fruit Juice song and dance? We could have a go at doing this all together when we get back to school!

Vegetable Stamps

Get some vegetables (potato, carrot, onion, celery all work well) and create pictures. See here for ideas.

Here is a recipe for making your own paint at home, using flour, salt, water and food colouring.