Parents & Whānau

Meet Rob Proffitt-White, our new Acting Assistant Principal. Watch this video about how to support your children with inquiry maths tasks.

Real World Maths

Visit the NZ Maths Website for some fun games and activities.

Materials & Maths

Gather materials e.g. pegs, counters, lego pieces, acorns etc

  • Take 20 of them

  • How many different ways can you group these?

  • Can you write some addition or subtraction statements about your groups?

Show A Number

Choose a number and:

  • Write it

  • Show it two different ways

  • Make up a problem that includes the number.

  • Make a poster or movie of your learning and post on Seesaw.

Hit the Button

Practice your basic facts - can you beat the timer?

You can choose from a variety of different games and activities to strengthen your basic facts skills and knowledge. You can click on the picture or here to take you straight to the website.

Maths With Paul

Check out Paul's video. How fast can you answer the questions?

Greedy Pig Maths Game

Play the dice game in this video. You could aim for 100, or a smaller number like 30 or 50.