Team Kahikatea: Literacy

Winter Cards

Create a super fun origami penguin by following the instructional video. You can write a message to someone you care about, inside it!

Sneezy the Snowman

Poor Sneezy is too cold, then too hot! Listen to the story to find out what happens. Can you hear rhyming words in the story? How many words can you think of that rhyme with 'hot'?

Winnie in Winter

Tune in to 'Winnie in Winter'. Can you compare the seasons? Fold a piece of paper into four. Write about or draw each season in the spaces. What things do you enjoy about each season?


Using these letters, how many words can you create that rhyme with the word 'cat'?

My Family/Whānau

Choose from one of the following:

  1. Make a mini-book by folding 2 or 3 A4 pages in half. Give your mini book a colourful front cover with a title and your name. On each page, draw a picture of a member of your family. Describe each person using interesting adjectives (describing words).

  2. Write a letter to your teacher, telling them about your family. Who is in your family? What makes your family special? What are some of the things you like to do together?

Heart Words

Watch this video to learn about heart words. This is an example of learning 'my'.

What is My Word?

Join Lisa for a blending activity! Share your own videos-

Phoneme Awareness Activities

Join in with some activities where sounds or syllables are removed from words. (From Kilpatrick, Equipped for Reading Success)

Phoneme Awareness 2/ What is My Word?

Join in with some more activities where sounds or syllables are removed from words (From Kilpatrick, Equipped for Reading Success). There are also some more blending activities. Please see the links below to access books online and let us know which are your favourites!

Sound Swap

Join Lisa for a sound swapping activity. You could also write these words!

Phoneme Awareness Activities

Phoneme awareness- for those who want some more challenges. (From Kilpatrick, Equipped for Reading Success)

Stage 4+ to 6 Structured Literacy

The following videos range from Stage 4+ to 6.

The first video is a stage 6 focus. Listen to the book 'The Fish Dish' and then join in with reading and writing some words that have the sound 'sh'.


This book is about a family that goes camping. You can either listen to the book being read, or pause on each page and read it yourself. Then you can read and write words with Lisa at the end.

Jill, the Doll

Stage 4+. Listen to the book 'Jill, the Doll' and then do a task using the 'Floss' rule.

The Queen's Quill

The Queen's Quill focuses on words using 'qu' and 'ck'. Grab a whiteboard or pencil and paper, and write some words along with Lisa.

Winter Olympics

Look at this picture of Zoi Sadowski-Synnott at the Winter Olympics. Do some talking or writing about the Olympics.

If you were at the Olympics which sport would you be doing? How would you feel? What do you think these athletes have to do to prepare? What has been your favourite part of the Winter Olympics?

Word Building

'Build' some words using this online link. You can get a pencil and paper or whiteboard to write them too. Can you write some rhyming words?

The Flight of the Bumble-Bee

Listen to this awesome music. As the title suggests, it is about a bumble-bee in flight. What instruments do you hear? How does the music change as the song progresses? Close your eyes and 'see' the bumble-bee. What does it see? Where is it going and what is it doing? Write or draw about the journey of the bumble-bee.


Listen to the poem 'My Robot' and see if you can hear the rhyming words. Maybe you could write some rhyming words or your own poem, too? Check out the words and the link to the poem. There are lots more poems to explore, linked to that page too.

Sunshine Online

Have you checked out Sunshine Online?

Login using the following:

Student login

Username: beckenhamschool

Password: pride


These cloud pictures are from the MetService New Zealand Facebook page. Tell us (orally or through writing) about which clouds you like and why. Can you see any interesting cloud shapes outside today?

If you want to hear about clouds and the water cycle, this is an awesome song to listen to and learn. You could draw the different clouds, or even the water cycle too.

Magnetic Letters

If you have some magnetic letters, alphabet blocks or letter tiles, practice:

  • spelling CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, using letters from your literacy stage (stages 1-4+)

  • spelling CCVC or CVCC words (e.g. spot, must, stack) using letters from your literacy stage (stages 5-6)

  • spelling a range of words using letters from your literacy stage- eg. night, claws, fern, stair, boost (Stage 7+)

Enjoy this lively, rhythmic, rhyming text describes T-shirts belonging to various family members. Click on the link above to listen.

Enjoy this lively, humorous, big book for shared reading, four fiery dragons are having trouble making friends. Click on the link above to listen.