Sunshine Online

Read a digital book Sunshine Online. Go to Emergent Levels 1 - 5. Use the account below.

Username: beckenhamschool Password: pride
NB: It will need Adobe Flash Player, which may be blocked initially. You may need to approve it. This tip sheet will help you with this.

Picture Books

Read your own books or get someone to read to you.

Storyline Online

Listen to an audiobook.


Learn the name and sound of each letter of the alphabet.

Nursery Rhymes

Sing lots of nursery rhymes. Learn some new ones.

Think of words that might rhyme for each nursery rhyme.

Can you write your own rhyme?

Books to read

On this site you will find some of the Big Books we read in class.

You will recognise 'Greedy Cat' and 'Bubbles'.

You can download the text to read on screen, or listen to the audio of someone reading the book.

Sight Words

Here are some of the words we have been learning during Literacy. You might like to write them out and turn them into flash cards. You might like to make two copies and play memory or snap. Can you write a sentence using some of these words?


Writing - Keep a Bubble Diary

First plan your writing by drawing a picture of something you have done that day.

Remember to do your best to write down all the sounds you can hear in each word.

Also remember to use your Bounce and Skip grip.

Bounce and Skip

Practise the Jumper Family letters we have learnt so far in class: h, m and b. Remember all Jumper letters start with down bump, back up, push over. Focus on starting the letter in the correct place and finishing in the correct place. Don't worry about the flick stage in the image below - that part comes later.

Keep working on your core strength by planking and on building your finger strength by doing the 'Icky, Sticky, Glue' rhyme.

Alphabet Chart

This link will take you to an alphabet and blends and digraphs chart.

New Entrant Resource pack

This link goes to the school website New Entrant page. On this page is a link to some New Entrant number and alphabet resources.