Sunshine Online

Read a digital book Sunshine Online. Go to Emergent Levels 1 - 5 or Early Levels 6-15. Use the account below.

Username: beckenhamschool Password: pride

Picture Books

Read your own books or get someone to read to you.

Storyline Online

Listen to an audiobook.


Learn the sound for each letter of the alphabet.

Nursery Rhymes

Sing lots of nursery rhymes. Learn some new ones.

Think of words that might rhyme for each nursery rhyme.

Can you write your own rhyme?

Stage 1 - sounds and characters

Phonemic Awareness:


Substituting Initial Phonemes

Blending phonemes into words

Segmenting words into phonemes


There are lots of amazing phonemic awareness activities on Youtube. Click here to access some of them, and continue to practise, as you listen to and join in with these Heggerty activities.

Books to read

On this site you will find some of the Big Books we read in class.

You will recognise 'Greedy Cat', 'The Safe Place' and 'Monster's Lunch'.

You can download the text to read on screen, or listen to the audio of someone reading the book.


Practise writing your Heart Words and practise writing little sentences, using the sounds from your letter card set as well as your heart words.

You could challenge yourself to keep a little 'bubble' diary, writing a sentence (or more) each day.

Bounce and Skip

Practise the Jumper Family letters we have learnt so far in class: h, n, m, r, b and p. Remember all Jumper letters start with down bump, back up, push over. Children who started school closer to the beginning of the year will be able to practise the Abracadabra Family letters too: c, o, a, d, g, q and s. Focus on starting the letter in the correct place and finishing in the correct place. Don't worry about the flick stage in the image below - that part comes later.

Keep working on your core strength by planking, and on building your finger strength by doing the 'Icky, Sticky, Glue' rhyme.

Pencil Grip:

Remember, that we need to use all five of our fingers and thumb when we are using the correct pencil grip.

We have the 3 friends (the thumb and the next 2 fingers) which manipulate the pencil, and we have the Resting fingers, which create a stable base of support on which the more dextrous fingers can manipulate the pencil.

Pick your pencil up like this:

  • have your pencil on the table pointing towards your tummy

  • pick it up first with your 'holding' or 'pinching fingers'

  • tip it back to lay across your hand and pop your 'pillow finger' underneath

The Jumper Family Letters

Remember the words we use for the correct formation of the Jumper Family letters:

  • down, bump

  • back up (half way)

  • push over

  • ...and you can see here in the photo, the extra words which we say for the correct formation when completing each of the Jumper Family letters

The Island Adventure

featuring Bounce and Skip and the Jumper Family letters

The Abracadabra Family Letters

Remember the words we use for the correct formation of the Abracadabra Family letters:

  • pull around

  • down

  • push (for 'c')

  • ...and you can see here in the photo, that, except for 's', all of the Abracadabra Family letters begin like 'c' and the extra words help you to complete the other letters in this family correctly.

New Entrant Resource pack

This link goes to the school website New Entrant page. On this page is a link to some New Entrant number and alphabet resources.