Kia ora, and welcome to the Koru learning at home page.

Each week we will be providing some new learning activities from which you will be able to select. There will also continue to be a range of optional online and offline activities that you might like to complete during the day, and these are shown below. You might find that engaging with one of the learning activities each day is enough. You might find that there are two or three activities that you would like to engage in. You and your parents will need to decide which activities will work best in your home situation. Please contact your child's home group teacher if you have any questions.






Rāapa 8th Hepetema /Wednesday 8th September

Te Ao Māori Bingo

Thank you to all the children and families who have been taking photos and videos of your learning at home, and have shared this in emails to your home group teacher. We love seeing all the fabulous learning and fun you have been engaging in at home, in your bubbles.

Today we wish Chloe a very Happy Birthday!! We hope you have a lovely day today celebrating with your family and we can't wait to sing you 'Happy Birthday' tomorrow at school!

Next week,it is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori - it's Māori Language Week, so we thought we would start the celebrations early by playing a game of Bingo. Can you complete a line going across, down or diagonally? Click on this link to find our Bingo Board.

And... it's Conservation Week, so you'll also find a couple of very cool Conservation Week links below.

- despite the fact that it's Tuesday's quiz, why not give it a go and see how you get on

- five fun things to do in spring

- a series of 9 different ideas for you for adventures in the outdoors

- have a go at identifying some of these common (and some not so common, in Christchurch) birds

  • Yoga: Click here to go to Jaime's Mindfulness Exercises For Kids

  • Literacy: We have added some little videos to help your children practise some of their phonological awareness skills: rhyming, substituting the beginning phoneme in words, blending phonemes into words and segmenting words into phonemes. You'll find these videos below the heart words, in the Literacy area of the dropdown menu

  • Numeracy: We also have a series of new videos in the Maths area on the drop down menu. Two of these videos relate to understanding the difference between -teen and -ty numbers. The other two relate to Maths problem solving

  • Te Reo me Tikanga Māori: did you enjoy yesterday's quiz? Try the fifth Kuwi and Friends quiz as a family. We'd love to know who's participating in these daily quizzes, and how you're going with them. This is a great way to increase your te reo vocabulary!

  • ...and, as always, remember to check out the Stories area on the drop down menu - we're adding new stories in here every day! The new story for today is 'A Squash and A Squeeze'. You'll also find, in this area, lots of other picture story books read for you by your teachers! Talk with your family about your favourite part of each story, when you finish listening to it.

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