• try some of these Calming Activities (... and, don't you just wish you had a fish? Lucky you, if you do!)

This link take you to the Deaprtmant of Conservation's website, and what a wonderful selection of out door activities they have listed here for you, from attracting lizards into your garden to growing seeds!

If any of your daily activities help to make you feel energised, relaxed and happy, then they are definitely contributing to your feeling wellbeing.

Getting outside helps us feel ka rawe! Rain or shine, there's heaps of fun you can have right outside your backdoor.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Koru team enjoy Cosmic Kids yoga and breathing techniques.

Click here to go to the site


Fun wellbeing activities to support whānau to look after their wellbeing and feel good.

Sparklers link

Go Noodle

Go Noodle is a website to get kids moving with short interactive activities. There are lots of songs to dance to, silly rhymes to learn, breathing activities, guided relaxation activities and many more.

Parents can also search Go Noodle on YouTube to find more videos to join in with.

Go Noodle website


Scroll down quite some way through thepage linked below, to find the section called 'Develop Fundamental Skills at Home'. Here you will find many activities which will help support your child's developing movement skills. Lots of fun to be had here!

Tumbletimes link

Jump Jam

You are bound to find music that you'll absolutely love moving to, in Brett Fairweather's selection of Jump Jam videos to be found on this website.

We'd love it if you were to take a photo and email this through to your Home Group teacher, along with an explanation saying why it's your 'favourite space'.

Keep having fun as you select different activities from this guide each day. Just click on the link above. You could use the guide as a checklist. How many different activities can you tick off? Take photos as you go and email them to your Home Group teacher. We'd love to see some of the fun you're having!

You could create your own 'gratitude journal'. Being grateful or thankful makes us feel happier.

There are some other lovely ideas here for you too:

  • you could make thank you cards

  • you could ask a parent to help you write a chalk message on the foot path for your friends or other family members

This is a link to a fun, arty activity which helps children to talk about and understand how they are feeling - great for somewhat uncertain times.