Welcome to Kauri learning from your place!

This site may be added to if we need to start learning at home.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email.






and you can also contact Dave for a catch up dave.bisgrove@beckenham.school.nz


Information for Whanāu

An average school day features literacy learning, maths learning and learning in an additional curriculum area. The links below will direct your child to learning tasks that are a familiar part of our programme. This will enable them to emulate a typical school day while at home. Working with your child to create a timetable that works for you both can be a beneficial way of fostering independence and accountability.

At school we use google classroom to deliver learning activities, especially in literacy. At home they will continue to access learning on google classroom.

Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you require any support.


Follow your SDL Tracker on Google Classroom.


Maths Whizz

Email your teacher if you have forgotten your login details.


Get stuck into some recreational reading.

Other currciulum areas

Check out assignments in Kauri Google Classroom, each week the Weekly Quiz will be posted and there could be forms or other assignments.

Email your home-group teacher and they will let you know what you can be working on.

Kete Blogging

Get stuck into finishing some kete posts (on your google site) or start some new ones. Think about how you have lived our values so far this year.

Get Active

Being active is so important for our well-being! Check out the ideas below for your daily fix of exercise.

Reading Options

If you don't have a book at home to read, we suggest you ...

If you don't already have a membership you can sign up online. Click on the 'Kids' or 'Teens' tab and find yourself a book to snuggle up with.

Once you are connected with OverDrive, we suggest you download the Libby app to access digital books, audiobooks and magazines.

Get Active Options

When you want something a little different from going for a walk or ride, try one of these ideas. Remember to exercise for at least 30 mins every day.

This one will appeal to those of you with a good base fitness. There are lots of episodes and you don't require any special equipment. Have a towel, to wipe the sweat, and a water bottle, to rehydrate, handy.

Extension Opportunities

Need an extra challenge to stretch your mind further? Check the options below.

From later on Tuesday there will be some Cantamath questions to practice on Nicky's Maths google classroom. Email Nicky if you would like to join this classroom.

If you would like to start a Science Badge, then click the link above and have a look through the options. It costs $6 to do a badge. Email Nicky with your Science Badge request and you will get a reply with details about payment and next steps.

Zoom Guidelines

Notify your parents / caregivers

Your parents or caregivers need to know you are on a Zoom. It is fine for them to be in the same room as you, in fact we encourage this.

Mute yourself

When you enter a Zoom, mute yourself. When it is your turn to contribute, unmute yourself.

Questions / comments

Type these into the 'chat' (bottom of your screen.

Find a quiet spot but not your bedroom

To avoid distraction for you and the others on the video conference, find a quiet spot in your house. It will be easier for others on the call to hear from you and for you to hear them. Don't use Zoom in your bedroom.

Keep your background plain

Video conferences have a ton of fun backgrounds but don’t use them when you are on a learning or formal meeting. They can be very distracting. If possible, find a spot in your house that has a simple background and has good lighting. But, don’t sit in front of a window with the light streaming in behind you; that will also make it hard for people to see you.

Stay in One Spot during the video conference

Stay in one spot so everyone can concentrate on the speaker (rather than you moving around).

Have Materials Ready

Be ready for your meeting. Gather any materials you need ahead of time. Also, make sure you go to the toilet beforehand. If you want to have water, grab a bottle before the conference starts.