Welcome to Kauri learning from your place!

We have categorised our learning into five key areas: maths, writing, reading, Genius Hour/Kete Blogging and PE. While we do not expect you to engage with every area every day, we do encourage you to aim for a balance across the six learning areas.

We have selected learning tasks that are familiar to you so that you feel success doing these independently. This is not to say that they are without challenge. We encourage you to adopt a growth mindset and be proactive in asking for additional support, from us, when you need it. We will be able to provide support via email and individual/small group Zoom conferences as needed. Check the Zoom expectations at the bottom of this page.

We will be checking your writing, maths, genius hour and blogging and giving feedback. If you need a hand, please drop us an email.






and you can also contact Dave for a catch up dave.bisgrove@beckenham.school.nz

Message for Parents

Please make sure you have filled in the survey, that Sandy emailed to you yesterday, about returning to school at Level 2. All children will need named water bottles at school from Monday.

See previous parent messages at the bottom of this page.

Daily Video Check-in

Let's Keep Connecting

How are you keeping active?

Share with us photos to show how you are keeping active during Rāhui.

Kauri Virtual Gallery

Our gallery is open! Please email us photos of some artwork you have done, or something you have created or something you have baked / cooked during Rāhui. If you haven't got anything to share - get creating and send us your photo when you are done.

We will upload your photos into our virtual gallery on Kauri Google Classroom. We invite your positive comments on people's creations.

No more daily Zooms. We loved seeing you each day and can't wait to see you in person on Monday. It could be great to catch up with some of your friends before then if possible.

Sharing Outstanding Learning

We have been so impressed with the learning you are doing from home, so much so, that we have decided to share one snippet of brilliance each day.

Today we are sharing Eva's monologue competition entry and Deakyn's poem.

The lifetime of a bubble, by Eva

I wonder what I'll see when I'm above the tops of the trees? I think this as I float away from you, the woman in the pale blue dress, who is blowing bubbles. Although I’ll miss you, I feel curious to see how far I’ll go. A strange feeling washes over me. I think it could be a feeling of freedom.

I float past two girls walking towards a doughnut stand. One of the girls reaches out and tries to snatch me but instead grabs thin air. A gust of warm wind blows me sideways. It's a warm summer day and there isn't a cloud in sight. There is a soft warm breeze and it lifts me up into the sky.

I feel carefree and happy. The sun shines down onto my round shimmering body. I wonder what you are doing now?

I float away from the playground, drifting toward a jagged spiky monster of a bush. Closer and closer, I'm sure this is going to be the end. If only you were here to help. Fortunately, the wind lifts me up, up, up and away! Relief swells inside me.

High in the sky, a flock of geese fly towards me. They look beautiful. One goose breaks free from the group and flaps straight towards me. I see a flash of brown feathers. POP!

But wait . . . I feel feathers warmed by the sun. I hear the call of the flock around me. And I wonder how far I’ll fly now?

That was the roller coaster. but Deakyn

Remember when I spotted a massive roller coaster and I couldn’t believe my eyes that this was real? Both fear and excitement rushed through my body. But I knew I had to be brave and have a ride.

Remember when I lined up with my Dad and started getting so excited that it was almost our turn?

That was the roller coaster.

Remember when the time had come? This was it! It was our turn. I got in my seat, and held onto the protection bar with sweaty hands.

Remember when I looked at my Dad and he said “This is going to be fun right?” I looked down and could see my Mum and siblings waving at us. We were up so high and I started to feel a bit scared.

That was the roller coaster.

Remember when we were at the last second before dropping, I closed my eyes thinking why am I doing this, why did I want to do this?

Remember when we started leaning forward in anticipation of what’s to come?

That was the roller coaster.

Remember when we started going over the edge and we put our hands in the air? We went so fast that I could feel the wind throwing me back against my seat.

Do you remember when we finished and I realised it wasn’t that scary after all? I had so much fun that I wanted to do it all over again!

That was the roller coaster.

Te Reo Māori

Check your Kauri Google Classroom for what to do once you have viewed this video.


New info for this week

This week we will be exploring persuasive writing. Go into your home-group Google Classroom to see what you will be persuading people to buy.


Check below for maths options. We have updated the maths presentations with new problems, hot spots and maths club challenge.


Get stuck into some recreational reading, do the Weekly Quiz (researching as you go to ensure you get the right answer) and / or write a book review. There is also a daily Kahoot! If you are out of books at home, there are options below.

Either continue your exisiting Genius Hour project or start a new one that is more suited to doing at home. Go to home-group Google Classroom for a new Genius Hour doc that Jenny has shared.

Kete Blogging

Get stuck into finishing some kete posts or start some new ones. Think about how you lived our values last term, during lockdown or check out Hannah's list of ideas that can be found in the Kauri Classroom.

Get Active

Being active is so important for our well-being! Check the list of ideas below for your daily fix of exercise.

Maths Options

Check your home-group Google Classroom for a hotspot to get you warmed up for maths. You may like to do this with another person in your bubble. There are also solutions shared from last week's hotspots.

Remember you are aiming for 4 progressions per week.

This week the Maths Whizz 8 Week Challenge gets underway. The challenge to gain at least 3 progressions every week for 8 weeks, no exceptions.

15 mins a day honing your basic facts.

New info for this week

This week there are two problems that look at types of angles. Find Rāhui Maths in your home-group Google Classroom. There are also solutions shared from last week's problems.

Reading Options

Make sure you keep your daily reading going. Check out one of the options below.

As you are completing the weekly Quiz make sure you are identifying key words and researching to find the answers. Check out Google Classroom to find the quiz.

We are going to put up a new Kahoot every day. The topics will vary. There will be some maths, some grammar and something else. We'll finish the week with a fun one on Friday. (Though they will all be fun!) These will be posted in Google Classroom each day.

If you don't already have a membership you can sign up online here. Click on the 'Kids' or 'Teens' tab and find yourself a book to snuggle up with.

Hannah has set up a book review activity. This is a great way to share your favourite books with others. By reading the reviews, you will hopefully get some good books to add to your 'must read' list.

Get Active Options

When you want something a little different from going for a walk or ride, try one of these ideas. Remember to exercise for at least 30 mins every day.

Check out the videos that our team have been making and practice a new skill! Keep sending us your videos so we can upload more onto this google presentation.

As the nation faces the COVID-19 pandemic with a sustained lock down period, Les Mills and TVNZ are making daily Group Fitness classes available Monday through Friday at 9am on TVNZ 1 and workouts designed specifically for young children and teenagers at 3pm on TVNZ 2.

Classes are also available on TVNZ OnDemand.

Yoga with Adrienne come highly recommended from a number of teachers at our kura. Here is her class for younger people.

This one will appeal to those of you with a good base fitness. There are lots of episodes and you don't require any special equipment. Have a towel, to wipe the sweat, and a water bottle, to rehydrate, handy.

Extension Opportunities

Need an extra challenge to stretch your mind further? Check the options below.

If you would like a mathematical challenge, check out the maths club problem in google classroom. This is designed for Nicky's green group and maths clubbies. If the activity has not been shared with you, and you think you are up for it, please email Nicky.

Future Problem Solving

Hannah's Future Problem Solving will keep going during this time. Keep an eye out on the FPS Google Classroom for next steps.

Writers' Club

For those wishing to extend themselves in writing, there are a few writing competition options that we can support you with, including a speech competition. Email Jenny to express your interest in these.

If you would like to start a Science Badge, then click the link above and have a look through the options. It costs $6 to do a badge. Email Nicky with your Science Badge request and you will get a reply with details about payment and next steps.

Zoom Guidelines

Notify your parents / caregivers

Your parents or caregivers need to know you are on a Zoom. It is fine for them to be in the same room as you, in fact we encourage this.

Mute yourself

When you enter a Zoom, mute yourself. When it is your turn to contribute, unmute yourself.

Questions / comments

Type these into the 'chat' (bottom of your screen.

Find a quiet spot but not your bedroom

To avoid distraction for you and the others on the video conference, find a quiet spot in your house. It will be easier for others on the call to hear from you and for you to hear them. Don't use Zoom in your bedroom.

Keep your background plain

Video conferences have a ton of fun backgrounds but don’t use them when you are on a learning or formal meeting. They can be very distracting. If possible, find a spot in your house that has a simple background and has good lighting. But, don’t sit in front of a window with the light streaming in behind you; that will also make it hard for people to see you.

Stay in One Spot during the video conference

Stay in one spot so everyone can concentrate on the speaker (rather than you moving around).

Have Materials Ready

Be ready for your meeting. Gather any materials you need ahead of time. Also, make sure you go to the toilet beforehand. If you want to have water, grab a bottle before the conference starts.

Previous Parent Messages:

Message for parents from Maths Whizz...

Recording of Maths-Whizz Parent Webinar Now Available

  • Click on this Parents Guide Link to view the recording of the Parent Webinar

  • Maths-Whizz is a powerful online maths programme. It is important that students work independently on Maths-Whizz.

  • You can monitor and engage your child by logging into the Parent Reports and checking they have made their 4 Learning Progressions.

  • You can send them messages with a sticker for their sticker book, and they can send you messages back (they cannot message the teachers back through Maths-Whizz).

  • You can download a Weekly/Termly Planner for students to fill in.​​​

We love getting emails from your children when they need support with their learning. Please encourage them to to do this and then we can set up ways to support them. We can help via email, screen-casting, a phone call or a video conference.

Google Classroom Guardian Summaries + Missing Work

We have set up Google Classroom Guardian Summaries for parents so that you are able to see the assignments and messages that your child is receiving via Google Classroom.

Different schools utilise Google Classroom differently. We choose not to focus on the 'hand in' aspect of Google Classroom. As a result of this, it may appear that your child has quite a bit of 'missing work'. Please know that we would have been in contact with you if this was the case. If you would like, you can encourage your child to hand in their completed assignments, but this is not the expectation at this time.

If you are not currently receiving a weekly summary and would like to please email hannah.elliott@beckenham.school.nz.

We loved being able to chat with so many parents and children yesterday and look forward to catching up with the rest of you today. We are very aware that people’s needs differ widely. Some are self managing their learning just fine, some are following their passions and some need guidance around structure. All of these ways are great. You may have read the piece on the website about setting up some structure in your child’s day. It is important to remember everyone’s family dynamics, work requirements and environments are different and, as parents, our job is to do what is best for our family situation. You and your family’s wellbeing is paramount. If you would like some more guidance and structure, then here are some guidelines for you.

Writing: The instructions writing task should last for two weeks. This is a good thing to work on daily for 20 - 30 mins. Next week we will be launching a couple of fun options for publishing this writing.

Reading: It’s always good to read for 20 - 30 mins each day.

Maths: A bit of maths each day is also a good idea. You could do Xtra Math and Maths Whizz one day and the hot spot and problem solving the next. Alternate these two like we do at school. We will put out a new problem, some new hot spots and another set of maths club questions (extension) next week, so the maths that is on this site is designed for a week.

PE: Remember to do at least 30 mins exercise each day.

Working on Genius Hour or doing some kete blogging for 30 mins could wrap up your day’s learning.

In this suggestion, the learning would last for around 2 hours, plus some exercise.

This is just a guide. It is totally up to each family how they engage with learning at home. We have included it here, as a number of families were asking for greater guidance. Please be in touch if you have any questions.