Welcome to Kauri learning from your place!

Well here we are back in Level 4! Your SDL tracker is your go to place for your learning guide. Tasks are assigned in google classroom. This page outlines your learning, shares examples of great learning and explains ways to connect socially with everyone in our hub. Your home-group teacher would love to hear from you, so drop them an email with any questions, to share what you have been up to or to arrange a learning Zoom.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email.






and you can also contact Dave for a catch up dave.bisgrove@beckenham.school.nz

Message for Caregivers

Keep following the SDL tracker that is on Google Classroom. Not long to go now!

Video Update


Supporting your well-being: Being stuck at home can be pretty stressful. Check this link for tools to support your well-being

Are you interested in coding? Coding NZ is offering free one-hour coding sessions with a tutor. Click here to sign up.

Let's Keep Connecting

Kauri Virtual Gallery

Nicky has posted the where are they photo challenge. Jump on in and place your comments to let us know where you think they all are. Send your photos to Nicky.

Jenny has posted a movie scene challenge. Thanks to Cooper, Grace and Ava for kicking this off. We would love to see some more of your movie scenes. Send your photos to Jenny.

Caitlin has posted the baby photo challenge. Get your baby photo sent into Caitlin, so that we can add to the fun. Jump in and have a go at matching the faces to the names by leaving a comment.

11am Social Zooms are all done.

Sharing Outstanding Learning

How is your fractured fairytale going?

Claudia has done a fabulous job of setting the scene. Her next step is to change her narrative to the past tense.

20-year-old red is munching on leftover takeaway pizza and lying on her beanbag in her messy apartment when an unexpected visitor arrives,

“Mum!?” She says as she jumps off her bean bag and looks around at her dirty apartment. Her mum looks at her astonished,

“Red! This is disgusting. I told you you should have stayed with us until you finished college!”

“Sorry I didn’t know you were coming to New York” replies Red

“I came to see your Grandmother she is very sick.”

“Oh, I didn’t know,” Red walks to Mum and takes her bags.

“Take this food to her Red,” says mum “and make sure she eats it she needs the sustenance.”

“But why do…” Moans red when her mum stops her.

“No, go now don’t talk to strangers.”

Red groans but takes the basket and leaves.

Fergus demonstrates the power of the short sentence in his introduction.

Everybody knows the tale of the three little pigs, right? The huffing and puffing, and the three houses. Wait a minute. THREE houses? There were only two! Something’s not right. This classic story is fake! A government cover-up! I’m here to tell you the REAL story, and what really happened to the Big Bad Wolf. So get comfy on your concrete slab, put on your orange jumpsuit, and prepare a nice snack of bread and water. I’m about to blow your itty bitty inmate mind.



Follow your SDL Tracker on Google Classroom.


Maths Whizz

Email your teacher if you have forgotten your login details.


Get stuck into some recreational reading.

Learn, Create, Share

Watch this space if lockdown is extended.

Kete Blogging

Get stuck into finishing some kete posts or start some new ones. Think about how you lived our values last term, during lockdown.

Get Active

Being active is so important for our well-being! Check out the ideas below for your daily fix of exercise.

Maths Options

Basic Facts

This is a great opportunity to work on learning your basic facts.

Remember you are aiming for 4 progressions per week.

Reading Options

If you don't have a book at home to read, we suggest you ...

If you don't already have a membership you can sign up online. Click on the 'Kids' or 'Teens' tab and find yourself a book to snuggle up with.

Once you are connected with OverDrive, we suggest you download the Libby app to access digital books, audiobooks and magazines.

Get Active Options

When you want something a little different from going for a walk or ride, try one of these ideas. Remember to exercise for at least 30 mins every day.

This one will appeal to those of you with a good base fitness. There are lots of episodes and you don't require any special equipment. Have a towel, to wipe the sweat, and a water bottle, to rehydrate, handy.

Extension Opportunities

Need an extra challenge to stretch your mind further? Check the options below.

From later on Tuesday there will be some Cantamath questions to practice on Nicky's Maths google classroom. Email Nicky if you would like to join this classroom.

Writers' Club

Watch this space if lockdown is extended.

If you would like to start a Science Badge, then click the link above and have a look through the options. It costs $6 to do a badge. Email Nicky with your Science Badge request and you will get a reply with details about payment and next steps.

Zoom Guidelines

Notify your parents / caregivers

Your parents or caregivers need to know you are on a Zoom. It is fine for them to be in the same room as you, in fact we encourage this.

Mute yourself

When you enter a Zoom, mute yourself. When it is your turn to contribute, unmute yourself.

Questions / comments

Type these into the 'chat' (bottom of your screen.

Find a quiet spot but not your bedroom

To avoid distraction for you and the others on the video conference, find a quiet spot in your house. It will be easier for others on the call to hear from you and for you to hear them. Don't use Zoom in your bedroom.

Keep your background plain

Video conferences have a ton of fun backgrounds but don’t use them when you are on a learning or formal meeting. They can be very distracting. If possible, find a spot in your house that has a simple background and has good lighting. But, don’t sit in front of a window with the light streaming in behind you; that will also make it hard for people to see you.

Stay in One Spot during the video conference

Stay in one spot so everyone can concentrate on the speaker (rather than you moving around).

Have Materials Ready

Be ready for your meeting. Gather any materials you need ahead of time. Also, make sure you go to the toilet beforehand. If you want to have water, grab a bottle before the conference starts.

Previous Parent Messages:

Wednesday: New SDL trackers have been posted in google classrooms today.

With the move to Level 3, Jenny, Megan and Caitlin are all spending some time at school working with our school bubbles. Jenny is there every day, Caitlin is at school this week and Megan at the start of next week. They will do their best to give students learning at home feedback and we will continue our daily Zooms. If you need some help, please contact Nicky who is keeping the learning-at-home fires burning!

Monday: Once again this week your child's learning is outlined in their SDL Tracker which has been posted on their literacy google classroom. There is a tracker for Monday and Tuesday and there will be another one for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This week speeches will be shared digitally, either with a recorded video or as part of a Zoom. Thanks for all the support you are providing to your children as they learn form home. We are more than happy to arrange individual Zooms for those who need some extra help with their learning. Please email home-group or literacy teachers to arrange these.

Friday: Today is the day to wrap up learning for the week. Speeches should be finished off, as should literacy tasks that are on google classroom. There has been lots of Maths Whizz happening and hopefully your child has earned at least 4 progressions for the week. As a rough guide, they should be doing around 30 mins a day on Maths Whizz. Fingers crossed for a big jump down in levels announcement today. Next week is speech presentation week, be it digitally or, dare we hope, face to face.

Thursday: It has been great to speak with so many of you today, Wednesday. If you have not had a phone call from your child's home-group teacher this week, then you should hear from us on Thursday. It has been good to see so many children taking part in 11am social Zooms this week. On Thursday we will be gathering as a whole team and enjoying another Kahoot.

Wednesday: Today we had about 50 people in our 11am team Zoom! Tomorrow we will have home-group optional social zooms at 11am. Your children will have a new SDL tracker in their literacy google classroom for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They should be aiming to do some writing, maths, reading, exercise and other assigned literacy activities each day.

Tuesday: We have posted new SDL trackers in our google classrooms. The children are to use these to guide their learning on Monday and Tuesday. Please send us an email if you or your children have any questions. We are happy to help them and can make contact via email, phone or Zoom. Keep the learning expectations manageable for your whānau. Take care and we hope to see you again soon.