Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play

In the Koru team, we love 'Learning Through Play' - many learning opportunities will naturally unfold as children engage in play and having fun.

In the section below are some ideas to help you learn through play. Each idea has a link to a learning support overview to help you with your learning. You might do a new one each day or continue one over a couple of days.

At the end of each week the themes directly below will be archived at the bottom of this page and new ideas will be added here. This way you can return to an idea that you would like to continue working on, at a later stage.


How's your sense of balance, children? What does it mean if you're balanced? What else can this word mean?

(Literacy, Maths, The Arts, Science, Yoga)


From fizzing and foaming, to bubbling and bewitching….

Explore your way through a few potions that can be whipped up in no time, so grab those wands, and read on...

(Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Science, Movement, Music)

The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man is a traditional fairy tale.

"Run, run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me .... I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

(Literacy, Numeracy, PE/Health, Science, The Arts)


Engage in play that is of particular interest to you. You might like to investigate a topic of interest, a new hobby or how to play a new game. We have also put some ideas below.

Painting and Drawing

Paint a picture.

Draw or sketch a picture of something around your house.

In the garden

Go out into the garden. What do you notice? What could you play with? You might like to do some gardening jobs, such as, weeding, watering plants and picking up leaves.


Learn a new skill: skipping, passing and catching a ball, kicking, shooting a goal, hitting a ball with a bat or racket, sprinting, dribbling a basketball, balancing, doing a handstand, learning how to do a forward roll.

Play Dough

Make and play with some play dough. There are lots of recipes online.

Board Games

Play a board game. Use a deck of cards to play snap or memory. You might even like to design or make up a game. You could make all the pieces you need.


Construct a Lego model. You might build a rocket for NASA, a home for a toy, a playground for a Lego person.

Learning Through Play - Archive

Here you will find ideas that have been shared previously. You might like to return to these at a later date.

Form a Band

Would you like to be a member in a band? Do you enjoy singing or would like to play an instrument?

(Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Technology, Music)


Are you someone who is REALLY keen on dinosaurs?

You'll find some really interesting and fun activities here, including reading, writing, art, craft, and so much more!

(Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Science, Movement, Music)

Mother's Day

This year Mother's Day is Sunday 10 May.

How could you show someone who is special to you, that you love them?

(Literacy, Numeracy, Art)

Creepy Crawlies

What creepy crawlies can you find at your house?

Does it have 6 legs, 8 legs or no legs? What do you know about bugs? What would you like to find out?

(Literacy, Numeracy, PE/Health, Science, The Arts)


Is it a bird, is it a plane? What are some types of flying machines? What can you make that might fly?

(Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Technology, Health, PE, Art)

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables are types of foods of which we should eat at least 5 servings of a day.

Did you know? A fruit develops from the flower of a plant, while the other parts of the plant are categorized as vegetables. Fruits contain seeds, while vegetables can consist of roots, stems and leaves.

(Literacy, Numeracy, Health, PE, Art, Science)


Are you someone who is absolutely fascinated by the idea of our solar system?

Do you know how many planets there are in our solar system? Do you know what their names are?

Delve in here to find out more!

(Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Music, Craft)


What's your favourite colour? What do you know about how colours can be mixed together to form new colours? What do you know about how a rainbow is formed? Click on this link for some fun and fascniating ideas for your learning this week!

(Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Music)

Water Play

Playing in water is a lot of fun!

Set up a water station and off you go!

You could use a bucket, bath, large container, paddling pool or a large deep tray.

(Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Technology)


What do you already know about this day? The support overview has some stories to listen to and a link to a biscuit recipe.. and some other activities you might like to do.

(Maths, Literacy, Music, Art)

Teddy Bears

Do you have a favourite teddy bear or other soft toy? Have fun this week, as you play, draw, count, sing and create with your favourite soft toy beside you all the way!

(Literacy, Numeracy, Music, Art, Technology)


Plan a picnic to have inside or in the garden with your family. You might like to plan a menu, prepare the food, and lay out a picnic blanket.

(Literacy, Numeracy, Art, PE, Music)


Have you ever wondered how a bridge is built? What makes it strong? What makes it stay up? This week you might try designing and building your own bridge.

(Literacy, Maths, Art, Inquiry)


Are you someone who just loves building huts? We'd love to see the huts you plan and construct, if this is an area of interest for you!

(Literacy, Maths, Art, Technology and Engineering)


Have a go at making some scones. What could you add to them? Write a review or your own recipe.

(Literacy, Numeracy, Music)


Explore the Autumn colours around your home. You might like to do leaf rubbings, make some leaf art or find out why some trees lose their leaves and others don't.

(Art, Oral Language, Literacy, Numeracy, Science)


Create your own cafe at home. Think of a name, create a menu and decide who you need to work there.

(Literacy, Numeracy, Music, Art)


Design a marble run. Make it out of boxes, wood, bit of pipe,anything you can find at home. How does gravity help? What is gravity?

(Literacy, Numeracy, Technology, Science)