My Family/Whānau

Choose from one of the following:

  1. Make a mini-book by folding 2 or 3 A4 pages in half. Give your mini book a colourful front cover with a title and your name. On each page, draw a picture of a member of your family. Describe each person using interesting adjectives (describing words).

  2. Write a letter to your teacher, telling them about your family. Who is in your family? What makes your family special? What are some of the things you like to do together?

Which Country Is Special To You?

Choose a country that is special to you. It could be NZ or another country that is important for your family. Download this worksheet and complete OR get a piece of paper and draw or write something for each of these headings:

  • Special foods from my country

  • Special clothes from my country

  • A map of the country

  • Special traditions in my culture

  • Their flag

Life cycle of a frog video

Click on the video above to see how a tadpole transforms into a frog!

Life cycle of a frog diagram

Research and create your own life cycle poster for a different animal. Some ideas could be a: bee, worm, butterfly, duck or fish.


Look at these pictures of the Winter Olympics from google. Do some writing about the Olympics. What might be happening in the images? What was your favourite part of the Winter Olympics?

Magnetic Letters

If you have some magnetic letters, alphabet blocks or letter tiles, practice:

  • spelling CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, using letters from your literacy stage (stages 1-4+)

  • spelling CCVC or CVCC words (e.g. spot, must, stack) using letters from your literacy stage (stages 5-6)

  • spelling a range of words using letters from your literacy stage- eg. night, claws, fern, stair, boost (Stage 7+)

Heart Words

Click here to access your Heart Words. Practise writing and reading these.

Using Conjunctions

In this activity we are learning to create sentences using the conjunctions 'because', 'but' and 'so'.

Use the sentence starters below with each conjunction. You can either write these or say them aloud.

Here is an example with the starter 'Staying at home is pretty fun'

Staying home is pretty fun because I get to wear my pyjamas during the day!

Staying at home is pretty fun but I do miss the school playground.

Staying at home is pretty fun, so I will make the most of the time I have here.

Here are some sentence starters. Remember to use 'because', 'but' and 'so'.

  1. I am unique

  2. Flying by dragon is the best transport

  3. Doing jobs around the house makes my whānau happy

  4. We should all sleep in blanket forts


These cloud pictures are from the MetService New Zealand Facebook page. They are running a poll on the best cloud photo. Tell us (orally or through writing) about which clouds you like and why. Can you see any interesting cloud shapes outside today?

If you want to hear about clouds and the water cycle, this is an awesome song to listen to and learn. You could draw the different clouds, or even the water cycle too.


Listen to the the story 'If...'. Can you come up with some amazing, imaginative ideas? Draw your ideas and share your pictures with us. We would love to also read about your ideas.

For example, in the book there is the wondering 'If whales lived in outer space....'. What would they do there? Where would they go? What would they eat? Could one take you for a 'swim' around the galaxy?

Kinetic Letters Handwriting

Strengthen key muscle groups for writing by using these animal poses. Can you hold each pose for 10 seconds...or longer? See how long you can hold each one! Practise your pencil grip after watching Charlotte's video.

The Day the Crayons Quit

- Write a story about an everyday household object that decides to quit, e.g., toaster, couch, toothbrush.


- Write a reply to one of the crayons from Duncan.


- Write a letter to one of the crayons in the story and explain why it is your favourite.

Word Building

'Build' some words using this online link. You can get a pencil and paper or whiteboard to write them too. Can you write some rhyming words?

Kids News - Robots and Machines

Go to DOGOnews with someone in your bubble and search for 'robots' then 'machines'. There are some incredible articles! Most of the articles even have a short video to go along with them. Write or draw about an article, or an idea that you have got from exploring the site.

Going to the Mountains

Listen to this interesting non-fiction book, then create your own poster of a favourite animal. It could be one from the book, or another animal. Tell someone in your bubble what you know about this animal or write about them. You could also look up some facts together.

The Flight of the Bumble-Bee

Listen to this awesome music. As the title suggests, it is about a bumble-bee in flight. What instruments do you hear? How does the music change as the song progresses? Close your eyes and 'see' the bumble-bee. What does it see? Where is it going and what is it doing? Write or draw about the journey of the bumble-bee.

Food Riddles

I grow on trees.

I am red or green.

I am crunchy.

I grow on trees.

You have to peel me to eat me.

I am often turned into juice.

My name is also a colour.

I have seeds on the outside.

I am eaten in the summer.

I am soft and red.

I am served in a bun.

I taste good with tomato sauce and cheese.

I am sometimes served with chips.

I come in packets.

I come in different flavours.

I am made with potatoes.

I am crispy.

Can you make a food riddle too?


Here are some ideas for you for writing today. You may wish to do one, two, or more! Don't forget to share your writing with your homegroup teacher.

  1. Create two lists. Label one 'Foods I like', and the other 'Foods I dislike'.

  2. What are your favourite sandwich ingredients? Make a sandwich at home, and then write the instructions for how you made it for someone else to read. You may even want to make a toastie!

  3. Invent an interesting sandwich, like one of the ones in Carla's Sandwich. What would your crazy sandwich have in it?

  4. Can you solve the riddles below?