Wellbeing Activities for the Whānau

Visit Sparklers - here you will find two downloadable lists of ideas for how to support Whānau wellbeing.

Take the 5 Ways of Wellbeing Challenge

Improve your wellbeing with this fun challenge. Click to view the template here, and print or draw your own grid on paper to record your efforts. See here for Charlotte's example.

Feel good with dance!

Have a go at learning the Plant Dance and explore the life cycle of a plant.

Spring Challenge board

Spring activity board challenge

Spend some time with your family and click here to carry out some of the spring activity board challenges. How many can you do?

Give To Others

Giving to others builds wellbeing. Go through your toys and find some to donate to charity.

Make a Stress Ball

Make a stress ball or pompoms can also be used as a hacky sack for indoor movement!

Fruit & Vege

Eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day is important for health. Plan food for a party using only fruit and vegetables. Draw and label your work.

Lockdown Jump Jam

Get moving with some Lockdown Jump Jam!

Gratitude Journal - Make it Colourful!

Here is a great project...make your own gratitude journal! Use as many different colours as you can to illustrate your project.

Practising gratitude daily grows our wellbeing.

Ball Skills with Paul!

Build your wellbeing by getting active.

Try out these fun ball skills with Paul!