Welcome to Term 3 2021 Learning at Home

Kia ora whānau and welcome to the Kōwhai Learning at Home page.

There are a range of online and offline activities you might like to complete during the day, also shown below. There will be three new learning activities each day for you to choose from. None of these activities are compulsory and it is up to you and your parents to decide which activities will work best in your home situation.

Please contact your child's home group teacher if you have any questions and we can give you an email or call to help.






Good Morning


Click on the pictures to go to Mathematics Games or TopMarks to practise your math skills.


Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin

Listen to Murray Gad reading Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.

Then you can have a go at your own writing.

Pretend you are an animal or a creature of some kind and have a go writing a diary as that creature.

Brainstorm your ideas

What does your day look like? What adventures do you get up to? What do you need to be good at (as that creature?) What might you learn in school?

Write at least 2 days of diary entries and share with your literacy and homegroup teacher.

or... Story Starters

If you would like to do some creative free writing using the Scholastic Story Starter machine.

Typing Practise

Click on the picture below to have a go at practicing your typing skills.


Spring has sprung! Here are some more spring art ideas for you to try from Deep Space Sparkle.

Painted Paper Duckling

Spring Flower Paper Bouquet

Online Art

Click on the image to take you to http://weavesilk.com/ to create some mindful online art.

Share your creations with your teacher.


Have a go at spelling your own name with these exercises

Te Reo

Kuwi the Kiwi has a daily Te Reo Maori Kupu Online Quiz on their website.

Have a go at the quiz wha today to practise your knowledge of te reo kupu (words)

Keeping Ourselves Safe

How good are you at recognise other people's emotions? Have a go at this task to find out.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

See if you can complete the indoor scavenger hunt below by finding all of the items on the list. Check out the example from Meagan.


How do things fly? What makes them stay in the air? Let’s find out with Nanogirl and 5 STEM activities/experiments to teach you all about building the superpower of flight. Click on the image below to learn more. You can explore these over the next few days.

Have a look at some of the amazing learning activities that some of the Kōwhai kids have been getting up to at home.

Kōwhai - Learning at Home Snapshots 2021

Outside Time

Here are a list of things you could do outside from Sparklers.


PE - Jump Jam

Click on the Jump Jam picture to go to the Jump Jam website - where there are loads of dances for you to practise for PE. Maybe you could create a whānau Jump Jam routine!

More Learning Activities

Here are some other home learning activities that you know about and are familiar with. You can also carry on with these when you are looking for activities to do.

Intranet - Click here to connect to the Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto Intranet to access many of our learning sites. Remember you will need to login with your Beckenham Google account to access this e.g., bartsimpson@beckenham.nz

If you click on the Spelling Games and Mathmatics Games links below you will need to click on "sign up now" and then log in with your Beckenham Google Account as well.

If you are unsure how to log in, then please email your homegroup teacher.



Read a digital book on Epic.

Use the class codes below.

  • Laura's Literacy Class - TLP0731

  • Rowe's Literacy Class-idt0766

  • Nick's Literacy Class - cqe5269

  • Meagan's Literacy class - kst3816

  • Quynh's Literacy class - ecg6703

Sunshine Online

Read a digital book using Sunshine Online. Use the account below.

  • Username: beckenhamschool
  • Password: pride

Silent Reading

Read your own books.


Listen to an audiobook.

Storyline Online

Listen to an audiobook on Storyline Online.

Spelling Games

Practise your spelling words through a spelling game.


Mathematics Games

Practise your basic facts through a maths game.


Complete a lesson set by your maths teacher using Studyladder. If you cannot remember your log in - go to the study ladder icon on the intranet or email your homegroup teacher.

Basic Facts Challenge

Learn your basic facts.



Write a story using pencil and paper.

Free Choice Writing

Use Google Docs or Slides to write your own story.


Create a animated story or digital book in Animator.

Spelling Games

Practise your spelling words through a spelling game.

Play-Based Learning

Free Play

Engage in free play.


Look up a recipe online and do some baking.

Play Dough

Make and play with some play dough.

Build a Hut

Construct a hut inside or outside.


Draw a picture.


Paint a picture.

BMX Track

Make a BMX track in your yard.


Create computer programmes using Code.org.

Pixel Art

Create an image in Pixel Art.


Create an animation in Animator.

Pixlr E

Create digital art in Pixlr E.

Word Art

Create a word cloud using Word Art.

Music Making

Create a song using Music Lab.



Research a topic of interest to you and create a model, slideshow website etc.

Whānau, please talk with your child about using devices safely at home...