Learning at Home

An important message for families, from Nathan Wallis, Neuroscience Educator, as we head into lockdown with our children...

Kia ora e te whānau

Welcome to our new ‘Learning at Home’ website, designed to support you and your children over the Level 4 nationwide lockdown period.

Firstly - remember - school holidays now start this coming Monday!

We are very aware that the needs and capacity for engaging with potential learning activities are going to vary tremendously from one family to another over the next weeks, with each family’s home situation being unique.

We are also aware that most parents are not teachers... so we want to provide a menu of options for you to select from, if you want to, that are likely to be suited to your needs and contexts. The needs of primary-aged children are significantly different from those who are working towards NCEA. Within the 5-13 year old age group, developmental needs also vary significantly.

We are taking a view, as a school, that we want to provide ‘support for you’, as opposed to ‘demands on you’ as we navigate this next few weeks together.

Term 2 (at home!) starts officially on Wednesday 15th April (after Easter Tuesday). From the start of Term 2, this site will be expanded to provide possible learning links for children in each team.

Sandy and the team


Here are some links to the Ministry of Education's 'Learning at Home' website. This is very new, and will continue to be added to over the coming weeks.

Support for families