Maori Stories-Pakiwaitara

The story of how Mana finds fire:

The story of how Rangi builds a boat:

The Family - Te Whānau

Nga Waka


Kōanga i is the Maori word for Spring, sybolised by the Koru. Spring time was an important time for the Maori people, this is when they would harvest.


The Koru Symbolises new life and new beginnings-perfect for Spring!

Can you find the Te Reo (Māori kupu/words) for:

Sheep, chicken, bee, butterfly, flower, duck and tree.

Story of the Koru

Click above to watch the video of the story of our well known Air NZ Koru logo design.

Have a go!-Koru Art

Have a go at creating your own piece of Koru Art

Get string, an old plastic bag or plastic pieces, scissors and newspaper, ruler and tape, and make poi with our Teaching Assistant, Kaitlyn!

Maramataka: the months of the year

The Days of the week in te reo Maori

Learn the colours in te reo Māori

Taonga Puoro

Learn about traditional Maori instruments.

Ma te Mahi Ka Ora