PM Readers Online

Read your favourite PM books online in your own personal browsing box. Your teacher will be sending out your username and password via email, Monday 4th May.

Follow this link to take you straight to the website.


Take a look at this NZ page Poetry Box. Can you:

  • Read/Recite a poem and post it on Seesaw?

  • Tell us about a poem you love

  • Write a poem about one of our school values: We Care, We Love Learning, We Make a Difference, We Love Challenge.

Explore some of the other activities, movies and audio stories. Now you can:

  • Tell someone what happened in the story, or

  • write a letter to a character, or

  • draw your own book cover for the story

Sunshine Online Learning Space

Explore your favourite books and alphabet activities on Sunshine online's Learning Space.

Follow this link to take you straight to the website.

Online Audio

Listen to an audiobook on the School Journal Listening Post Reading Levels 1-21, Reading Levels 22+ OR Storyline Online OR the Radio NZ Treasure Chest


Scroll through the movies in our 'Stories' page to find your favourite stories read to you by your teachers. You can find the page in our navigation menu or by clicking here